The Hazard Light: A Car Button in Need of Innovation

Are YOU one of those drivers that turns on their hazard lights for no apparent reason?

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  1. Kevin – it’s not only in Japan!

    Down these parts (South Africa) and surrounds – it’s a common custom to thank fellow driver’s with the Hazards. It’s actually considered impolite *not* to! And as customary, is acknowledging that thanks, with a flick/flash of the brights/hi-lites(?)…

    Similarly, in South Africa, you can indicate to a driver behind you that it is safe to overtake, by flicking on your indicator light, on the side that they are to overtake… This is very regional though – across the border in Zimbabwe, it’s the reverse – the indicator is used when it’s *not* safe to overtake!

    Each country, at least in Africa, has different “customs” – probably due to whichever European country colonized that country — Britain or France etc. Cameroon, for instance, has a completely unique style, compared to what I am used to – possibly due to being more French than English!

    I guess that one could argue that the Hazard light needs a re-design… OR one could reason that humans simply took what was there, and converted it (over time, and through common-use) to suit the particular needs and characteristics of their particular society… Which is arguably far more flexible than any re-imagining of it could be??!

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