About Me

My name is Kevin Chung and I’m a 2011 graduate in Urban and Regional Studies from Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning. As a frequent traveler, I constantly inject myself into new worlds, trying to make sense of why one thing we do at home doesn’t necessarily translate for someone else living in a different world.

This website serves as a repository for my thoughts on human behavior as it applies to technology on-the-go. We have so many subtle desires and habits that it’s very important to recognize them when launching a new product or service to solve real problems.

Currently I am Innovation Manager for Choice Hotels International, a major chain of franchised properties worldwide, where I listen to feedback and suggest technological change that will benefit our business, our franchisees, and our loyal customers.

In the past, I was the CEO of Urbane (www.mapurbane.com), a startup company that created map layers that replaced place names (ex., Beverly Hills) with locally crowdsourced adjectives (ex., rich and famous) adjectives in fun and informative ways so that you can empower yourself to find the next neighborhood to relocate or explore.

Any insights or suggestions? Please contact me using the form below. If your e-mail is legit, I’ll be sure to contact you shortly.


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